FAQ - Repairs

Repairs update - Stage 4 restrictions 21/07/2021

Due to stage 4 restrictions effective in Melbourne. We are suspending all our repair services during the restriction period. We apologies for the inconvience caused. If you have a bag currently with us, we will get the bag back to you after restrictions have ended.

As soon as restrictions are lifted we will resume all repair operations ASAP. 

Please contact us if you have any questions hello@crumpler.com.au  

Can you repair my crumpler?

If the damage falls under our world famous Crumpler Warranty, then yes, absolutely. We'll even wear the cost of the repair. If something has happened to your Crumpler buddy and they need some TLC, contact us using the help button below. Please provide your details, a description of the problem, along with pictures of the fault and your proof of purchase. Once we've done an assessment, we'll advise you if your bag is repairable, and the cost involved. 

What is not covered?

Our guarantee does not cover damages that result from misuse or abuse of the product. It does not cover normal wear and tear or damages such as abrasion, scratches or fading. The guarantee also does not cover incidental or consequential damages, such as damage to, or loss of, the contents of a bag, loss of use, loss of time, or similar expenses. The Crumpler Leather Goods Range come with a 4 year guarantee with proof of purchase. It does not cover any Crumpler products purchased in Europe, South Africa or South America

A note about luggage: We know luggage has to withstand a lot ‐ which is why we make ours tough. But like your favourite sneakers, our luggage will scuff, dint and scratch as you use it. Essentially we see it as unavoidable, and character building. And as we can't personally supervise each baggage handler, this kind of wear and tear is considered normal and is not covered under our warranty.

Will COVID-19 affect my repair?

All Crumpler Australia repairs are lovingly and expertly repaired by our in-house specialists based in our Melbourne HQ.

Due to the current social distancing restrictions and health concerns in Australia, our repair team are not operating as they normally do, as they do not have the required machinery and parts to manage repair tasks from the safety of their home. This does mean that this service may take longer than usual, in the interim we ask for your patience with this estimated 5-6 weeks delay.

To protect our staff we will no longer be accepting bags for repair in our Crumpler stores.  You can submit an enquiy to have your bag repaired by contacting us at au_enquiries@crumpler.com with a photo of your beloved, damaged bag. We will get back to you, once approved,  with next steps. 

To help us all stop the spread, we ask if you could please give your bag a loving clean before sending any bag to us. Any bag we receive in an un-hygienic condition will be returned, un-repaired.

Cleaning info can be found here