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A fine Saturday afternoon in Melbourne, circa 1995, 3 bike couriers decided that the Simple & Tenacious Messenger bags they were making for themselves should be available for everyone.

That moment birthed Crumpler, rooted in Simplicity, bike practicality, sturdy construction, beers and fun for all.

Slowly, over the next 20 years the 3 friends retired or sought fulfilment in other projects, leaving Crumpler to the corporate gods.

For some strange reason those corporate gods lost the passion, vision and fun Crumpler was known for, and replaced it with something a little too... straight edge.

Luckily for those Crumpler fanatics who fell for the biking heritage, practicality, and fun, Crumpler has returned to safe hands, with one of those original 3 friends returning from the music biz.

It's time to revive what Crumpler does best: Simple, Indestructible bags bursting with colour, fun, bike practicality, and most of all, love for beer.

Join us on the quest for bag glory.