Crumpler x Orbitkey

Crumpler x Orbitkey

The Collab 

What do you get when two Melbourne-based teams put their minds together with a mission to create? Along with the company leading the way it when it comes to smart organisation - Orbitkey, we are excited to bring you the exclusive Crumpler x Orbitkey range.


Black, Denim & Grey Marle Key Organisers


Melbourne born baggage brand Crumpler has joined forces with Orbitkey this month to bring to life an exclusive range of Key Organisers just in time for Christmas.

The clever design keeps keys stacked neatly, and protects the things inside your bag and pockets from key scratches. And puts an end to the dreaded key jingles and fiddling.


“An ideal collaboration partner for us is a brand whose core values are aligned with ours, yet they approach things a little bit differently. Crumpler has always been renowned for its playful and rebellious spirit, shown through the vibrant colours of their products and artistic brand direction.”
- Charles Ng, Co-Founder and Design Director of Orbitkey.

Tawny, Claret, Denim, Grey Marle & Black Smart Key Organisers  

The eco-friendly collaboration has utilised left over bag production textiles to create five playful and bright designs, Black, Claret, Denim, Grey Marle and Tawny.


Crumpler X Orbitkey Organiser in Denim $49Black with Multi-tool $69

Shop the the exclusive five vibrant colours online here.
Also available on and Crumpler stores across Australia.