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  1. Clove Clove


    Clove Flint Cross Body/Waist Pack
  2. Clove Clove


    Clove Black Cross Body/Waist Pack
  3. Kernel Kernel
    Kernel Black Cross Body Sling
  4. Kernel Kernel
    Kernel Black Cross Body Sling
  5. Sprout Sprout


    Sprout Flint Backpack
  6. Sprout Sprout
    Sprout Black Backpack
  7. Bean Bean
    Bean Black Messenger Bag
  8. Tate Tate
    Tate Black Tote
  9. Nori Nori
    Nori Black Pouch
  10. Stolid Stolid
    Stolid Black / Tawny Slimline Wallet
  11. Supine Supine
    Supine Black / Tawny Compact Passport Wallet
  12. Slew Slew
    Slew Black / Tawny Card Wallet

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A veggie leather bag for any occasion. Recycled Ecoya Fabric(™) means fewer nasty chemicals creating a better bag for you and the earth. Available in Messenger, Tote, Backpack and Sling styles, what more could you ask for?