Pronounced Alive - Chapter Two

Pronounced Alive - Chapter Two

The second phase of the Pronounced Alive range picks up right where the first left off – Adding fresh new styles that simultaneously link back to classic Crumpler styles as well as drive the updated design direction of the brand.


Pronounced Alive has been a range that we’ve been incredibly excited to share with the public for a long time. Not only would it be the first range to bare our new logos, but it would be a chance for our design team to really flex their muscles and begin designing bags for the next era of Crumpler.

“Customers will continue to see our ability to provide products that tailor to the many structures of everyday life in 2018.” The design team promised when asked what Crumpler fans can look forward to in the future. “You can expect to see exciting updates to some of our signature styles, exciting new designs as well as the implementation of a wider range of construction materials.”


The design team have really been encouraged to push themselves this season and The Soft Landing range is the best example of this.

Inspired by the suits of astronauts and the tools they use; this range of backpacks, cross body bags, waist packs and tech cases are made of a peached RPET made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s an exciting series of products that truly signifies the mantra of our design team – products that meld together innovative and exciting design elements and every day functionality.

“Although this range does seem drastically different to a lot of our classic styles, the approach and sensibility to function and quirky design remain.” Our design team said, when asked about the Soft Landing range. “We’re excited to start working with a wider range of base cloths, broadening the aesthetic appeal of our customers and inspiring curiosity and experimentation in wearing and adoption.”

The styles in this range are The Orbital Flight and The Mini Orbit tote/backpacks, The Untethered and The Robonaut cross-body bags, The Daily Mission 13” laptop sleeve, The Spacelab tablet case and The Vacuum Pouch accessories organiser.

“Exciting updates to some of our signature styles, exciting new designs as well as the implementation of a wider range of construction materials.”


The second limited edition print that was designed specifically for the Pronounced Alive range is the Paranoia print.

Inspired by heat mapping and infrared technology; the Paranoia print’s deep earthy greens and yellows are intended to invoke feelings of discovery and mystery. It sits perfectly amongst the second phase of the Pronounced Alive season which includes other colours like Green Moss, Stone and Redwood.

The Paranoia print is available in five different styles – The Squid rope strap backpack, The Early Opener tough wallet, The Clam Chowder waist pack and two brand new styles which are sure to become Crumpler classics.


One of the biggest focuses for the design team this year is to take some of the classic Crumpler shapes and styles and give them an update.

This month we’ve seen the arrival of The Rocket Booster laptop messenger bag – an updated version of one of our most popular bags, The Pinnacle of Horror – and The Propeller roll-top laptop backpack – a relaunch of an older style, The House of Horrors.

The aim of these updates is to give these older styles a bit of a facelift and to elevate their usability and functionality. Things have changed since The Pinnacle of Horror was first released almost a decade ago. What we demand from our bags on a day-to-day basis has changed. And our style and tastes have changed.

Last month we gave The Great Thaw lightweight backpack an update - which is now The Nebula – and there are plenty more of these style reinvigorations to come.

We have come to the midway point of the Pronounced Alive season and there is still so much more to come. Keep your eyes peeled for chapters three and four coming soon.