From where you would rather be

From where you would rather be

You could say there’s a bit of cabin fever in the Crumpler office. (Did someone say cabin luggage?) The past year hasn’t been an easy one, and there’s a lot that hasn’t gone to plan. For a little comic relief, things got a bit silly when we asked the team at the Crumpler head office what fantastic journeys they had planned for this year. The team took our new VIS luggage range and reimagined those epic journeys and overseas trips, the winter escape or tropical destination...well, you’ll see what happened.

Adam: South Africa

Adam had planned an epic Safari journey in South Africa and couldn’t wait to pack his luggage. What he wasn't planning on was a giraffe roadblock and a hasty getaway.

Briar: Singapore to see the Supertrees

Briar couldn’t wait to go to Singapore and check out the Supertrees. That was, until she tried to get a closer look and found herself the newest attraction.

Ange: NYC see the Statue of Liberty

Ange had his sights set on a trip to New York and a photo op at the Statue of Liberty. Things took a strange turn when he found himself getting a selfie with Lady Liberty.

Josie:Tobogganing in Winterberg Germany

Josie couldn’t wait to hit the slopes tobogganing in Winterberg, Germany. While the snow was powder perfect, her VIS-toboggan was a little worse for wear after a few trips down the mountain.

Valeria: Venice, Gondola.

Valeria had her sights set on gorgeous Venice and a gondola ride through the ancient canals. She may have had the striped shirt, but she didn’t plan on being her own gondola driver. And where was the comfy seat?

Zac:Tropical island getaway, catching coconuts

Sun, sand and catching coconuts: that’s all Zac wanted for his tropical island getaway. It turns out a VIS luggage piece can hold a lot of coconuts! Now he just has to figure out how to open them.

Alison:Great Wall of China

Alison’s dream journey was a visit to the Great Wall of China. The views were as epic and beautiful as she hoped, but someone should’ve told her to wear hiking boots - that’s a lot of steps!

Annie: Seoul Korea, Cherry blossoms at Gyeongbokgung Palace

Annie was set for a beautiful spring holiday to see the cherry blossoms at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea. She didn’t plan for the flower-confetti shower when she decided to pick just one little blossom!

Davide: Bungee Jumping, New Zealand

Davide was finally going to do it: Bungee Jumping in New Zealand. Bags packed, he was so excited he jumped straight into it, VIS and all. Don’t worry, they both made it back OK!

Luke: Leaning tower of VIS

Pasta, pizza, gelato: Luke couldn’t wait to live the good life in Pisa, Italy. When it came time to do that photo, he didn’t plan on it being a leaning tower of...VIS?

Rich: Camel ride in Egypt

Rich had always wanted to travel to Egypt, see the pyramids, take a camel ride through the stunning desert. Things took a turn when he had a tumble off the camel - let’s just say he got a little more sand than expected!