Crumpler x Tokyo 2020

Crumpler x Tokyo 2020

The countdown to the Tokyo Olympics is finally here and we are stoked to be the official luggage supplier of the Australian Olympic Team! This is our second time in this gig, after we fitted out the Rio team in 2016.

This collaboration means nearly 500 athletes will get their very own, exclusive Crumpler Vis 2.0 Lite Olympic Luggage to travel to Tokyo. Custom designed with team colours and a host of gold medal-worthy features, we couldn’t wait to hear what the team thought of their new gear.

We invited two Olympians to test-run the new suitcase in our Crumpler Head Office in Melbourne. Artistic swimmers Rose Stackpole and Amie Thompson paid a visit to the office to meet our designer Zac, and take the new luggage for a synchronised spin.

Artistic Swimming Team to Tokyo photo (left to right) Kirsten Kinash, Kiera Gazzard, Amie Thompson, Emily Rogers, Hannah Cross, Alessandra Ho, Hannah Burkhill and Rachel Presser

It’s safe to say, they were as stoked with the luggage as we were to create it. The new Vis 2.0 Lite is a lighter, stronger, smoother version of our best-selling crowd favourite Vis luggage. Loaded with internal pockets and features, the smoothest wheels on the market for easy airport maneuvering, and green and gold colouring all create medal-worthy luggage fit for our Olympic champions.

Zac tells us he was inspired to combine both retro and modern in this new design: 80’s Olympic uniforms provided the colour design palette, while the ultra modern setting of Tokyo was the perfect fit for Crumpler’s iconic features and practicality. Green and gold straps, a see-through top section so the athletes can spot their luggage, and even a sticker kit with letters and animals for some playful customisation.

The journey hasn’t been without it’s hurdles and high jumps (forgive the puns, we’re pretty excited). In the past year of cancellations and uncertainty, we’ve had to adapt and change our launch plans countless times - not to mention our athletes have had to recalibrate and refocus as the games were postponed and rescheduled.

Now we can celebrate with this renewed collaboration, as the games are finally here. We wish all the athletes the best of luck, and we’ll be cheering on the Aussie team from our Crumpler Head Office in Melbourne.

Ready for some more good news? You can own one, too! We’ve crafted a limited edition collection of our official Olympic luggage, the Vis 2.0 Lite, with only 150 available worldwide! See instore or online to grab yours, and be part of this iconic collaboration.

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