Pronounced Alive – Chapter One

Pronounced Alive – Chapter One

Artificial intelligence permeates everything, and what was once clearly robotic has now morphed into the living realm. We get a sense of a planet skipping future, where lightweight recycled fabrics and streamlined shapes mold to the body to allow for an efficient life. We’re inspired by the constant reach to new universes, and look to astronauts and the laboratory for design lines and functional details.


Creating products that push the boundaries of function and form is nothing new for us here at Crumpler. Our designers have always been encouraged to explore all the possibilities when it comes to creating carrying solutions for our customers.

But, with Pronounced Alive, this season they were asked to take that thinking to the next level. To draw inspiration from the needs and advancements of the future to create products that elevate the idea of what a bag should do.

“Customers will continue to see our ability to provide products that tailor to the many structures of everyday life in 2018.” The design team promised when asked what Crumpler fans can look forward to in the future. “You can expect to see exciting updates to some of our signature styles, exciting new designs as well as the implementation of a wider range of construction materials.”

The first of the new styles are The Sirius rope-strapped laptop backpack and the Big Breakfast oversized tote bag. The Sirius adds a level of structure and everyday usability to our rope strap backpack range that includes the incredibly popular Squid backpack. And the Big Breakfast expands our tote bag selection and plays on the classic Ikea oversized shopping bag, perfect for everyday use, overnight stays and trips to the market.

The first updated style comes in the form of The Nebula lightweight backpack. Modelled off The Great Thaw backpack, The Nebula feels cleaner and more functional than its predecessor. This is a perfect example of small changes to design making an incredible difference to look and functionality.

“By changing from a single vertical quick release clip to a dual diagonal set up, the main compartment became far easier to access from multiple angles. This also changed the lines of the bag, which we all agreed looked great.”

The incredibly popular Mantra business range continues to expand to meet customer needs with The Mantra Dopp Kit. This is the ultimate toiletries bag and sits perfectly within this range known for its high functionality and sleek, clever design.

"...Speeding lines of passing vision are encapsulated on textured colour to give a sense of fast paced travel...."


Inspired by the wonders of space and our future exploring it, the colour hues of the Pronounced Alive season aim to excite and inspire.

The cool and clean plasma pink, milky way blue and moonwalker white of January will make way for the more earthy and mysterious redwood, tactical green and blue stone in February. And, to bring that extra colour pop, January and February will also feature the new copper 3M reflective Radiant Range as well three limited edition prints.

“Created by Karolina York, January’s Rapid Print is motion captured. Speeding lines of passing vision are encapsulated on textured colour to give a sense of fast paced travel. While February’s Paranoia Print is inspired by heat mapping technology and the exploration opportunities it opens up.”


As soon as the first sketches started surfacing from the designers it was clear that the range would need to be backed by an equally effective and forward-thinking advertising campaign.

That was the beginnings of the Levitation campaign.

The campaign, which was shot on location in Melbourne, shows a rarely seen side of the Westgate Bridge. By shooting underneath the bridge we were able to create a futuristic, dystopian backdrop for our new product and amazing levitating talent.

Just like the design brief given to the designers of the bags themselves, the aim was to hint at a near-future where A.I.-driven human augmentation will push the limits of our collective abilities.

There is so much more of this range that we are incredibly excited to share with you all. This is just part one of the Pronounced Alive range, so stay tuned for the next chapter due in soon.