Our Notel Staycation.

Our Notel Staycation.

Right about now we'd all love to be planning our next adventure overseas. We get it. You miss traveling. So do we! We miss the excitement of the airport and arriving in a new city. Not to mention our design team have created the perfect new range of hard shell suitcase. We know - not ideal timing for a new range of travel gear.
But who says you can't have the best luggage-worthy trip right here in your backyard?
Now is the time to find what's been waiting for us: in our local towns in our home states, in the cities we inhabit. For now, local is the new normal, and we're pretty excited for what's out there

We're inspired by the buzz of anticipation that comes with packing for a trip away. Whether it's for a city staycation, traveling local, the road trip - for our Vis 2.0 range we wanted luggage that was sleek, durable and adaptable. We wanted a range that would keep us excited about travel, that would mould to whatever adventures we now find in the hidden gems so close to our doors.
Before now, it was easy to say we would see our local some other time, in years to come. Now, change is upon us, our habits have changed but what stays constant is our desire for experience, new sights, and inspiration. Now is the time to see what's out there: pack a suitcase, head for the sea or mountains, forest or city.

To capture our latest Vis 2.0 collection we wanted a location that spoke to this new spirit of exploration. Melbourne's NOTEL is not your traditional hotel. Yes ‘you can stay the night here, in style.' But the feel is authentically different: ‘A night at NOTEL is about exploration'. For starters, it's hidden down a laneway. The directions: ‘a single door that's hidden near a coffee shop. Look up when you get to Harper Lane in Melbourne's CBD.'
And then there's the accommodation: USA-made Airstream caravans shipped over, fitted out and installed on a Melbourne rooftop. This playfulness and sense of adventure right in our own city is exactly what we're all looking for right now. It reminds us of when our childhood backyards or living rooms were our imagined wonderlands, transforming every weekend: the story is what you make it.
The NOTEL experience takes local to a new level, partnering with a range of Melbourne favourites; local brands from coffee to cocktails to waste-free toiletries. They champion the restaurants, cafes and venues tucked away in all of Melbourne's locations - from the well-known to the wonderfully hidden.
Then there's the incredible wall art by Melbourne local Ash Keating, who we partnered with for our Ash Keating x Crumpler collection, adding to the laneway rooftop magic that transforms an everyday location into the spectacular.

Our designers were inspired by their own love of travel in creating the Vis 2.0 range. While we've had to change our perspective on travel right now, from far off countries to the city weekend or road trip escape, we've got a feeling that our local gems will still offer the buzz of travel we all love.
Check out the range now and seek out your next adventure - we promise there's still plenty to get excited about. Available in 3 colours and 3 sizes, Cabin carry-on, Expandable check-in luaggage, and the 90L Hard shell suitcase.

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