Crumpler Crafternoons #1

Crumpler Crafternoons #1

We love to celebrate everything creative and connect with our community. Here at Crumpler HQ we thought everyone might need a dose of fun and creativity. We’ve put on our design hats to bring you Crumpler Crafternoons: a way to create, connect and burn some restless lockdown energy.

Our craft is our strength and we want to share it with our community. This is a chance to get away from the computer, to be invigorated by creating something with your hands. We’ll provide the patterns, how-to videos and art-class banter. You’ll finish with a Crumpler creation of your very own

Join us and connect with the pleasure of making to beat lockdown blues. After all, there’s only so many times you can water the houseplants.

Share a photo of your #crumplercrafternoons and stay tuned for more patterns and styles.


Let’s start from the beginning.

This Crumpler iconic pattern is nothing less than the bag that helped start our adventure. Crumpler’s first bag began at the sewing machine of Stuart Crumpler’s grandmother. He sourced the best materials he could find - truck tarpaulin canvas, fluoro pink wetsuit thread, seat belts for straps and deep-sea diving buckles. Slinging these odds and ends together he formed the prototype for the first Crumpler messenger bag.

Now its your turn to give it a go.

Download the pattern HERE