Mind State - 2019

Mind State - 2019

Mind State

This season, we move the focus inside to the realms of self-appreciation and wellness.

The desire to feel good drives the season and inspires the market.

As our consumption habits and ideals move away from products and toward invaluable life experiences, with wellness tourism growing more than twice as fast as traditional tourism, we demand more from what we call “ours”.

From moonlight yoga on the beach to a mineral salt therapy session, learning to embrace your inner mother nature is all about fine tuning the senses.

It’s this branch of mindfulness that allows us to break free from the stressful trappings of the modern world and find inner peace and gratitude in the world around us.

Our priorities shift rapidly – giving us renewed motivation to take care of ourselves and one another.

The freedom of interaction among different types of people encourages easier acceptance of diverse lifestyles and embrace greater individuality.

Humanoid Cross Body - Light Grey Marle $169 | Algorithm Totepack - Light Grey Marle $199

"The desire for feeling good drives the season. This collection is about teasing the senses with execution details that provide comfort and encourage individuality. Signature styles and Crumpler favourites are re-imagined in a smorgasboard of multiple textures for a mindful experience."

Coming Soon: Sprout Backpack - Black


Times of constant critical data and influx of prescriptional standards cause us to look inwards.

We fix ourselves before approaching a wider network. The calm after the storm of everyday life builds a search of reassurance and comfort.

In JFM we look for mindfulness that serves in an attainable everyday lifestyle. We create a wellness network built upon joy and not judgement.

For Crumpler, this means finding strong, familiar fabrics in textured marles and lofts twills. We find strength in the cool stoic surface of veggie leather. Colours have a mending and healing quality through Vanilla and Ginger. These are spliced with changeable, vibrant colours of the mood stone in Flint and Coffee Blush, against the strong Night Sky blue light of a strange new world.

Print takes shape as a mysterious layered camouflage of the earth’s components through the Mineral Print.

Extrovert Backpack - Rockaway Grey $129 | Shape of Character Cross Body - Redwood $149


Photographer: Tré Koch @trekoch

Stylist: Hugh William Stewart @hughwilliamstewart

Hair & Make up: Nadine Muller @nadinemullermakeup

Model: Mino Wu @mingatitz

Model: Steve Fernando @steve_fernando

Photography Assistant: Stevie Hatz @stevie_hatz

Styling Assistant: Annabel Sloane @annabelsloane