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An Introduction to Welcome Stranger

An Introduction to Welcome Stranger

Product | 7 August 2018

As we step out of our comfort zone, we are exposed to a new reality that feels distorted.

The oddness is captivating and we gravitate to it - a desire to explore further.

The unknown rituals that make us feel creature-like in an upside-down world, are those that later blend with our identity and become part of it.

As we become multi-locals, what was strange at first, now feels like home.

For our latest season – Welcome Stranger - our designers were inspired by the idea of “Multi-localism” and looked to the places, experiences and people that have shaped them throughout their lives.

“We really connected to the idea of multi-localism – the idea that the self can be informed by a layered mosaic of authentic travel experiences and the unique places we find ourselves in.” The design team explained. “The rituals we adopt and the connections we form combine to make up who we are.”

What we’re left with is one of our most diverse ranges yet, filled with evocative colours, stylish and clever new designs, simple yet effective updates to classic Crumpler styles and an exciting new travel collection which establishes a new standard in Crumpler luggage design.

“Our new range of travel luggage, Zero Boarders, has all the features and amenities a world traveller could possibly need to help them explore easily and effectively. As the name suggests it was inspired by a sense of confident freedom.”

“The rituals we adopt and the connections we form combine to make up who we are.”

There is so much more coming in the next six months to share with you including new styles, exciting collaborations and beautiful seasonal prints. But, until that all arrives in-store, enjoy this behind the scenes video from our most recent photoshoot and the story behind Welcome Stranger.

Welcome Stranger

As the world becomes ever more connected and the lust to travel, explore and evolve expands, our human identities become increasingly complex.

The places we’ve seen have changed us and the different cultures we’ve been exposed to live within us.

We are like mosaics and every experience, a unique and meaningful tile.

A puzzle made of multiple colours and shapes, all diverse but fitting in perfect harmony to create a beautiful masterpiece.

We no longer belong to one place; we have become Multi-locals.

And it’s this concept of multi-localism that drives the season. Mismatched combinations and diverse detailing work together as a whole to create hybrid shapes that match our adaptable lifestyles.

The seasonal colour palette has been inspired by the diverse landscapes that celebrate individuality through creative expression transcending boundaries of country and language.

"The scents of some far-off spice market should come to mind when you see backpacks and totes in marsala and marigold..."

The scents of some far-off spice market should come to mind when you see backpacks and totes in marsala and marigold and the bold royal blue and claret evoke the free spirit of a graffiti drenched laneway.

We look at street art for print direction and reinvent signature styles with puzzle inspired splicing. Travel and exploration also drives the season, highlighted by a fresh new high-feature luggage offering which looks to better track our travel needs.

The season tells of a journey enriched by the many people and places encountered along the way. The unfamiliar shapes us and as we explore we evolve. Embrace the unknown – The Welcome Stranger.

To see the range, hit this link - https://www.crumpler.com/au/new-arrivals/