Death knocked twice then climbed through the window. Its tongue began to wag like a snake dancing in the sea at night. A husky voice cracked into my mind and two words lodged in my ear...

The Desert

The Desert

Story by Ed Sloane

Halfway through 2012 the creative director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Richard Tognetti, led an expedition of surfers, cinematographers, photographers, and musicians into the remote Western Australian desert for three weeks.

The idea for planning the trip to such a remote stretch of coastline was to camp and surf in the raw landscape of the remote desert and draw inspiration from the vastness of land and sea.

The result was a performance by the Australian Chamber Orchestra that used music and film to explore the links between the ocean and the land.

The surfer in these pictures is Australian surfing visionary Derek Hynd, a man who continues to pioneer finless surfing and someone who I feel suited the landscape more than the rest of us.

With his own philosophy of “free friction” surfing as he calls it, Derek has nurtured a strange and freakishly artistic form of surfing. His radically unique approach to surfing is complemented symbiotically by Richard’s genius musical talent. Richard is also a keen surfer and his adventurous spirit has married the two mediums beautifully.

I was fortunate enough to be involved to shoot film and photographs of the trip to capture snapshots of the landscape, surf and camp life that we experienced.

Film courtesy Australian Chamber Orchestra
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