Death knocked twice then climbed through the window. Its tongue began to wag like a snake dancing in the sea at night. A husky voice cracked into my mind and two words lodged in my ear...



Story by Tom Blachford and Kate Ballis

It’s hard to ignore the Mexican culinary boom that has taken over Melbourne’s restaurant scene. Tacos seem to be everywhere and boy did they get fancy – lobster and truffled mayonnaise at just $18 a taco, ha. Thankfully, in Mexico tacos are a little more down to earth and Taco stands sit on most street corners but you’ll be hard pressed to find any beetroot coleslaw toppings.

… in Mexico tacos are a little more down to earth…

A good taco is filled with either pastor pork, chorizo, beef or chicken stewing away in their own juices on a beaten up iron grill. Two corn tortillas are stacked together and used as a glove to grab as much meat as possible. Throw on some hot sauce of your choosing, lime, some onion and coriander and you’re done. Bonus round is the noble, delicious and slightly slimy chopped nopales (cactus).

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