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Chunky Move  Part 2 – Niharika Senapati

Chunky Move
Part 2 – Niharika Senapati

Photos by Lachlan Moore

In part two of our chat with Chunky Move contemporary dancers and Spinning Vortex bag models we chat with Niharika. We collaborated with Chunky Move to shoot our new #vortexdiet collection. We wanted to see what would happen when we asked dancers to engage with and respond to our bags. See the results here. After a long day of being ordered around by photographers and Chunky Move artistic director Anouk van Dijk, we sat down with Niharika and Lauren to learn more about their job as a dancers.
Niharika Senapati ­ Dancer

How did you start dancing? I started ballet when I was five. A friend of my sister’s had an open day at her ballet school and my sister hated dancing so she insisted that I go in her place. I loved it from that first class. I preferred dancing to any other sports I tried. I had great dance teachers who focused more on the fun and less on the competitive side of things. I kept dancing and soon I began ballet exams and just kept on going with it. When it came to the end of year twelve I realised that I could keep dancing by studying dance. I graduated from the Western Australian Academy of the Performing Arts.

It took me until university to realise that dancing was an art form.

What was it like studying dance full time? It took me until university to realise that dancing was an art form. Studying dance allowed me to explore dance in a lot more depth and delve into the theoretical as well as the practical side. Some people spend their career studying one aspect of the body, which I find really exciting.

Where do you look for inspiration? On the days when I wake up and I’m not sure how I’ll get out of bed, let alone focus for a full day of dancing, I know that I’ll see all the other dancers who may be feeling the same way. Even if they’re not, they know the feeling and their energy helps lift mine, they help inspire me. I find the spark of performance is hugely inspiring. Sharing something with others, and the physical release of performing to someone else is cathartic and drives me to keep dancing.
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