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Chunky Move Part 1 – Lauren Langlois

Chunky Move Part 1 – Lauren Langlois

Photos by Lachlan Moore

In part one of our chat with Chunky Move contemporary dancers and Spinning Vortex bag models we chat with Lauren.
We collaborated with Chunky Move to shoot our new #vortexdiet collection. We wanted to see what would happen when we asked dancers to engage with and respond to our bags. See the results here. After a long day of being ordered around by photographers and Chunky Move artistic director Anouk van Dijk, we sat down with Lauren and Niharika to learn more about their job as a dancers.
Lauren Langlois ­

How did you start dancing?
When I was five, my parents put me into tap and ballet dancing classes and I really enjoyed the social aspect of dancing. I actually quit dancing when I was sixteen. I completed my dance exams and then it became too much trying to balance VCE study and dancing so I concentrated on my studies. After school I enrolled in a communications degree before rediscovering my passion for dance.

What was it like studying dance full time?
When I first started at university I was very intense about my dancing. It wasn’t until later that I found a healthy balance. Dancing when you’re younger can be really competitive and stressful. In university you are exposed to the world of dancing, professional dancers, and dance companies. University allows you to delve deeper, and pull out the subtleties and nuances of movement and the human body.

… University allows you to delve deeper…

Now, I freelance and I am working with Anouk van Dijk whose work goes beyond examining just the virtuosity of the body by making the work transcend movements and body positions. She pushes us to a place of exhaustion, which shows something far beyond dancers performing interesting dance moves. I love working with Anouk, I’m really interested in theatre and incorporating my voice and physical theatre and more abstract work. I don’t know where any of those interests will take me yet but I’m enjoying wandering with those ideas.

Where do you look for inspiration?
I play ukulele, I read a lot and research outside of the medium of dance. I look at martial arts, actors, yoga, listen to music and study people who have excelled in their field and I find that they help me think outside the square.
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