Death knocked twice then climbed through the window. Its tongue began to wag like a snake dancing in the sea at night. A husky voice cracked into my mind and two words lodged in my ear...

A Walk Through New York City

A Walk Through New York City

Story by Bec Hudson

New York City had always been on the top of my wish list of places to travel. Growing up watching movies and tv shows set in NYC I had always felt a creative pull to go and experience the city for myself.

After years of dreaming about what it would be like to walk around the city I finally booked a ticket for a two-week adventure with my best friend. We landed in JFK and stepped out into my childhood dream. I was itching to get out into the big city and wonder round, just me, my camera and a mate to bounce off.

I woke up early everyday of the trip more excited and with greater hunger to experience more of the intoxicating city. I never planned where I was going, I stepped outside into a creative headspace, let my legs take over and my eyes take me away. I loved capturing fleeting moments that would flit unnoticed by the crowded streets of people.

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