Bags have always been our livelihood. Our team has decades of experience in pattern making and design, focussed only on making the
best bags possible. So when you're carrying Crumpler, you're in good hands.

Barney Rustle Blanket - The Original Crumpler Messenger Bag.


We are a Melbourne-born company, and are proud to have our origins on the streets of such a fine city. We've now expanded across the globe, but our approach hasn't changed all that much: make bags, make them useful, make them great. The originality in our product design is one of necessity.
Where we find a need, we design a solution – it's almost that simple.

The Pattern Room - Crumpler HQ, Melbourne.


We don't take chances with quality. All our zips, toggles, textiles, threads, clips, wheels, webbing and raw materials are trialled meticulously, then pieced together by expert hands. The result is a bag that does what it's meant to, and holds true to the sum of its parts.

Dry Red No.3 - 167 parts, 1 bag.


The precious digital things you carry are as important to us as they are to you. Where techno-porting is concerned, each of our specially designed bags will cushion shock and protect from inclement weather or spills, giving you the peace of mind that your cameras, laptops and tablets are safe and sound.

Camera gear pod made from high-density EVA, with customisable dividers. Karachi Outpost (L) l Karachi Outpost (S)


Being Melbourne bred, we know the need to be prepared for a solid, unexpected drenching. Each bag we make is fit for purpose, and all fabrics we use have a weatherproof coating – including the lining. If it claims to be weatherproof, rest assured it's a hard-earned title.

Barney Rustle Blanket - The Original Crumpler Messenger Bag.


Riding in the rain, quick access to your keys, smooth rolling luggage, and protected laptops and cameras. We think about all the details, and the avoidable problems, so that you don't have to. And we do it without compromising style.

Vis-a-Vis - Hard Case Luggage Collection.

No. 7   WE HEAR YOU.

Our team are trained to hear what you're asking for, and show you the gear that suits your needs; not theirs. Everyone we employ is also a bag nerd in some form, so don't be afraid to ask questions if you want the unbiased professional low down.

Any Questions? Contact us - Store Managers, Australia


Mother always said 'I don't care what you do, but if you do something, do it well.' Which is why we can back all this up with our famous lifetime warranty. This means any untoward bumps or breakages beyond the usual wear and tear are covered for as long as you're drawing breath.
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