The need for Crumpler bags started in the early 90s when a bloke from Melbourne, Australia couldn’t find a bag that let him cycle home with a slab of beer on his back. The pursuit of a solution to this problem eventually saw three mates utilise their creativity to found a company that continues to make practical, long-lasting bags that serve a singular function bloody well.

Crumpler’s first bag began at the sewing machine of Stuart Crumpler’s grandmother. He sourced the best materials he could find – truck tarpaulin canvas, fluoro pink wetsuit thread, seat belts for straps and deep-sea diving buckles. Slinging these odds and ends together he formed the prototype for the first Crumpler messenger bag. During countless rounds of road testing the design and materials the bag improved. Stu even sought the expertise of a local parachute maker who pulled the prototype apart and showed him stronger methods of stitching.

A short while later Stu found work as a bicycle messenger for local couriers Minuteman. The owners, Will Miller and Dave Roper, saw his bag and ordered twenty for their whole team of riders to thrash around Melbourne’s tangle of laneways. Will and Dave had dozens of people coming into the Minuteman headquarters asking about the bags. Seeing the positive response to the bags from the riders and the public they took a gamble on the bags, sold Minuteman, met with Stu and founded the Crumpler brand with a handshake over a beer at the pub.


Crumpler announced itself as a creative travel brand through a series of irreverent marketing campaigns. In 1995, you couldn’t cycle around Melbourne’s extensive bike paths without seeing the now iconic Crumpler logo spray painted across the path. The campaign piqued interest in the brand and people flooded into stores.

Will, Dave and Stu had their entire savings invested in materials for the bags, which was fine except for the lack of beer in their lives. The ‘Beer for Bags’ campaign saw Crumpler barter slabs of beer, bottles of rum and bags of limes for bags so that they had something to drink on the weekend. It saw bags running out the door but more importantly it meant they had a workshop full of beer.

The marketing campaigns, combined with word of mouth about the legendary quality and functionality of the bags, helped firmly establish the Crumpler brand in Melbourne with a rapidly growing and fiercely loyal customers base within Australia. The logical next step was to take Crumpler to the world.


Buying our bags is a bit like planting a Eucalyptus tree – you can be sure that bugger is going to outlive you. We torture-test our bags to hell and back; we drag and drop and throw and zip until we cry then we have a rest and a cuppa. Then we weight test the buckles, do our best to destroy the fabric then climb a tree in a thunderstorm to weather test the bag all so we can guarantee them for life. We create to purpose, build to last, and use the best materials possible so we can guarantee our bags and luggage for life.

The Bike Messenger.
Sling a bag.
Cut your own path.
You are free.
Watch for potholes,
short-cuts and IDIOTS.
Abolish boredom.
Grind up hills.
Enjoy the trip.
Pleasure in effort.
Just you + bike + bag.
Trust your gear.
Provoke Adventure.


Crumpler people are all around you. We live in your street, we cycle past you every week, we are sitting next to you on the plane, standing next to you on the bus, ahead of you in the queue to the composting festival bathroom. If you start to look, you’ll see us everywhere. We see the world a little differently, maybe that’s why we guarantee our gear for life, maybe it’s the beer, maybe it’s the Salmon Mousse, whatever the reason; sling a bag and join us.